Interview to Carla Arrieta, a beautiful Personal Trainer and Body Builder


Q: Well Carla, introducing briefly yourself (passion, hobbies, work)

I’ve always been fascinated by Art and its all form whether it was dancing, drawing, composing, playing instruments, acting … you named it, I’ve done it all and much more in the fields of Art.  Also from an early age my mother used to subscribe me to ANY sport activity that my school could offer from swimming  to karate and even ballet , so I can say that from a very early age I were very passionate about  ART and SPORTS and those qualities lives still really strongly in me.  I don’t have any hobbies at the moment, I just focus on what’s beneficial for my future like; working on random artistic project’s or projects that has to do with fitness industry (business).  I’m working at the moment as volunteer in a hospital treating patients with severe depression, eating disorders, cognitive and behavioral problems ect. And as a part time job, personal training.

Q: I see that you are really beautiful, this is due to your diet and sport?

Thank you for the compliment!   Doing sports and having a good daily diet helps a lot in feeling good with yourself;  You like what you see in the mirror and through it you feel confident , and a confident person in others people eye looks attractive. Many people thinks that  going to the gym and taking care of yourself is a sign of a vain person, and that’s completely untrue.  A person is vain regardless if it goes to the gym or not. So lets not confuse vanity with confidence.


Q: Describe a your typical Day:

A typical day of mine is waking up at 4 am to do my morning cardio for an hour (I love running!) . At 5 am I start putting myself ready to go to work (which starts at 7 am). So between 5 am and 6 am  I have to clean my room,  eat my breakfast, leave my dog with mom. When being at work sometimes I have nothing to do so I just navigate through the internet or read e-books.  Depending on the mood.  After work I go to the gym, there I train maximum for an hour, then eat and go home. ( I’m at home around 17 o’clock.)  Then at 19 o’clock I run again for 50 min and about eleven or twelve o’clock I’m in bed. On diet period is very hard to sleep so 4 hours are enough for me at this moment.

Q: To have a beautiful body like your: how important is the diet and the physical exercises?

Extremely important.  I always tell my clients to first fix THEIR DIET before them planning  any gym activity! About 80% of the results comes from a healthy diet, PERIOD. People truly think that by killing themselves at the gym for hours will make them fit and when they finally see that there is no result they wonder “why?”. That’s because of their BAD DIET.  Going off topic, it worries me a lot that people reads magazines or articles through the the internet about  fast-weight-loss diet – programs; 12 weeks soup or lemon water diet, pineapple diet,  tuna-apple-coffee diet ect. People still don’t  understand that little daily life changes leads to bigger changes within time and those results are the ones who will last “forever”. There are no wonder pills, there are no miracle diets which obtained results would last over than 1 month,  because all what a person can loose in such short period of time is BODY FLUIDS and FLUIDS COMES BACK!  One can loose  aprox. 6 – 10 kilos of body fluids so don’t expect through  a “miracle diet” to loose fat , you are going to loosing EVERYTHING ELSE BUT FAT!

Q: I often hear talk about sports and meat, someone say that without meat it is impossible to do sports, what do you think about that?


I think people are completely misinformed with whole subject, even myself back in time. People are scared to adopt a vegetarian diet because they think they will lack protein, but protein is easy to find and little is required for maintaining health. A standard is 1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight for athletes and 1.5 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight for bodybuilders and other athletes interested in bulking up and adding mass. Eating consistently throughout the day makes it easy to consume that amount of protein if a variety of foods are consumed. “How” should not be the issue, but “where,” is a valid question. In an animal protein based society, we grow up believing the only sources of protein are from animals. As a vegetarian athlete I outline meal programs that are protein-rich and plant derived to show exactly “where” and “how” vegetarians get their protein. I pay special attention to protein and my main protein sources come from hemp, soy, tempeh, nuts, beans, lentils, grains and a variety of powders and bars including complete meal replacements, adding up to 200-300 grams per day. Tofu, a soy product, typically has 10-20 grams of protein per serving. Soy also has a Protein Digestibility Corrected Amino Acid Score (PDCAAS) of 1.0, which is the highest protein rating for a food to have, and it scores higher than beef protein. Hemp is one of the best sources of protein, period! It is alkalizing, packed full of nutrients, and is grown from the most sustainable methods, making it arguably the best resource. We often hear about protein combinations to make a complete protein, something I recommend to my clients. Reason for that is digestibility rate and timing of absorption of amino acids from differently structured protein sources.

Q: What do you think about vegetarian diet?

I think vegetarian diet is a good option if wanting to improve one’s health. Everybody knows plant foods contain fiber, which is associated with a lower risk for cancer, heart disease, and obesity then again animal foods contain no fiber and people who eat typical American diets based on meat and dairy generally do not get as much fiber as experts recommend. Plant foods also provide phytochemicals (these have significant impacts on risk for heart disease, cancer, and other diseases.) Plants are also low in saturated fat, some plant foods, like olives and nuts, are high in total fat, but they typically contain healthful types of fat….  All I can say that vegetarian diet is the best option for me; I’m noticing good changes in myself e.g. my skin quality getting better, my stomach not being swollen,  my hair being stronger. I’m very happy for having changed my lifestyle into vegetarian.

Now, generally speaking  I think everything works when having the right knowledge.  Is all about searching  information in the RIGHT PLACES. The point is not about whether you are vegan, vegetarian or meat eater, it is about providing all the nutrients the body needs for its function the rest shouldn’t matter.

Q: And vegan diet?

The answer is in my previous message.

Q: What would you recommend if someone wants to start a similar lifestyle to yours?2648_55516458493_4611544_n

First of all I would recommend people to ask themselves “what do I want to achieve and why am I going to training for?” As stupid as it sounds, it is a very important question to ask to oneself because not everybody has same goals.  E.g. I tend to see very tiny guys at the gym trying to lift double of their own body weight and still looking skinny! I bet they want to add muscle size but they are COMPLETELY CLUELESS about whole concept of training , obviously.  They think by reading fitness and bodybuilding magazines is already enough to step into the gym and start lifting weights that only a Pro-bodybuilder would lift!  I’m really amused by the gym phenomena, it became more like a circus instead of training place. I truly recommend the guys to drop their alpha male ego and choose the right weights to be able to stimulate the right muscle group instead showing how hardcore you are. Nobody gives a damn thing what you are doing anyways. (And I personally feel sorry for guys who only goes to the gym to show off. At the end they end up injured.)

The first step in my opinion should be this;  After having made an introspection and finding what you want to achieve, find a personal trainer  and the rest is down to discipline, perseverance, strong will AND WILLING TO LEAVE FROM YOU CONFORT ZONE. No matter how many times you might “fail” in your accomplishment, NEVER GIVE UP!  A good fact to know, not all the fitness/bodybuilding competitors are personal trainers, and not all personal trainers are good!  Choose wisely.

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